Rule and control units:

Innovation in our product palet organized with:

230 VAC

Phase control
Short-wave and medium wavy transmitters up to 3.6 KW
Laboratory application


The compact equipment PMS 230-1D/K1.3 from the row INFRACONTROL was developed for the laboratory works to the temperature increasing of short and medium wavy infrared transmitters.
Temperature automatic control loops can be developed by using temperature sensors and rule units.
The compact equipment is performed in the powder-coated EMV-steel-plate rim chassis.The connection is made by a main connection cable with CEE plug 3-polig 16A led out from the equipment. A main switch is existed.
The performance adjustment takes place with the inserted potentiometers for reason and main load or over external desired value entrance from a PLC control(0..10V or 0..20mA)
There is two inserted potentiometers with a change over switch for basic load, main load and external desired value.
With a second change over switch can be switched from internal to external control.
Thus a change-over between basic load, main load and external desired value default can be made from a PLC by an external entrance.
For the adjusted achievement of display is existed 0..100% in measuring instrument.
Operating and switching status are indicated over light transmitting diode
An indication of trouble is existed and as potantial free output for other processing in a PLC led out.
The connection of the comman steered transmitters are made by 4 back attached plug-in connections.
The security of the transmitter circles takes place over back inserted automatic circuit breakers.

Technical information:
Compact equipment of phase control for the temperature increaseing of short and medium wavy infrared transmitters.

Supply voltage: 230 VAC                10 %
Frequency: 47 .. 63 Hz
Transmitter achievement:   Total output max. 3,6 kW
Curcuit: Single-phase circuit for transmitters
Control signal: Tension control
Uin = 0..+10V   Ze  = 100 k
flow control
Iin = 0..20 mA   Ze = 500
head angle:                     180 / 163 grd. .. 22 grd. (0 grd.)
Application temperature: 0 .. +50C
Storage temperature:                              -10 .. +70C
Enclosure: IP 40
Main connection: ca. 5m Connecting cable with CEE plug 3-polig 16A
Transmitter connection: 4 Plug-in connections ever 1.3 KW
Chassis:                                              Laboratory applications in the steel-plate rim chassis.
ca. 435 mm * 175 mm * 300 mm (B * H*T)
Weight: ca. 8,5 kg
Characteristics :

- Inserted system filter - Housings with EMV Schirmsatz for the screen absorption after MIL
-STD 285 and VG 95,373 part of 15
- Operating condition announcements
- socket for external control voltage (for PLC or temperature regulator)
- change over switches basic load/main load/external desired value
- Change over switches internal one/external control - Single security of the 4 emitter circles