The usage of infrared dryer

The process of drying and heating are stated nearly all production and manufacturing process. INFRATEC-transmitter, which is heated by gas and electric, saves time and money in many area.
Hence, it is not possible to enumarete the products which is dryed or heated by INFRATEC-transmitter. Please be attention the following!
While making a choice , take into account the following criteria:
-the limit value with the source of economical energie or
-the minimal equipment long and the rate of function.

the versatility and the other usage of the INFRATEC-heater element are explained in the present service range.

1.textile industry
-heating the movable textile bands.
-the process of fixate within textile purification
-the fixate of colouring substances which is used in textile material.
-pre drying in textile
-drying of pads

2.plastic and tyre industry
-covering the back surface of the carpets.
-hardening plastic coating on the woven bands.
-hardening the sticky range.
-pre heating for the covering
-heating the coating and pressure’s cylinders in plastic data processing.
-heating the plexiglas.

3.paper industry
-using the production of paper and cartons.
-using the paper purification.
-using the offset- and screen printer
-heating the glue coating on the emery bands. industry
-flame of marzipan
-baking the tree cake
-dehydrate of fruit, vegetable and fisch
-drying of malts and barley
-drying of roasted tonsillar

5. forest industry
-drying of timber cladding
-drying of the polished coating
-drying of fiber board

6. chemical industry
-drying pasör fabric
-drying of syrup and tinctures
-drying the grainier and powder fabric

7.ceramic and glass industry
-drying ceramic parts
-drying of glass parts
-drying of plate glass coated
-service in glass cooling
-drying of technic porcelain

8. the other usage
-wax drying
-heating of powder-coated parts
-drying of printed
-drying coated accumulator plates
-drying of asbestos dust and insulating plates
-drying colour coated asbestos cement plates
-drying colour coated scleras
-heating of cocilen
-enamel drying
-nuclear drying
-melting and smoothing of railways
-asphalt heating