Infrared dryer

Principal item of the INFRATEC - system for industrielle drying and warming up processes is gas-heated transmitter burner- element. These components are available in different size and performance levels and according to the individual requirements as individual fields are used or however into jet tubes and/or complete tunnel plants combined. Thus an optimal adaptation can be possible to the heat requirement. INFRATEC supplies to the ready burner - elements, but also complete drying - and warming up plants.

In many production processes in any form of heat thermal seems to drying ,hardening, tying, gelling, etc. Infratec –the development and the production of medium and short wavy infrared - round and double tube transmitter offer also within the range gas-infrared - glow transmitter particularly favourable solutions :

Gas-heated - infrared – burner transmitter:

These obtained substantial time and cost savings in many cases. Gas-heated – infrared-burner transmitter produce infrared -radiation, which directly without heat distribution media ,on the irridiated article affect. They are only converted with the impact the body in warmth - that means: almost complete direct use of energy for the drying process. Air is indirectly warmed up. Infrared warming, gas or electrically operation are often superior to the conventional drying procedures.
And actually: when the product permits it, gas-heated - infrared – burner transmitter offers amazing possibilities:

-Optimal heat transfer:
Infrared one - radiations are only converted with the impact bodies in warmth. Air is indirectly warmed up.

-higher (?) achievements:
Drying times are often drastically reduced by direct the heat transfer.

- Small space requirement:
Drying - and warming up plants with INFRATEC –burner transmitter save 50% area and more. (product-causes).

-Lower operating cost:
Economical energy - source gas. no warm up period.
Already after 2 minutes full thermal achievement. additional increase of existing drying units by preheating zones, which in the incharge and discharge, as can be built also in special execution directly in the dryer.