Infrared-transmitter for the short-medium and long wavy area

Information about our elecricial infrared transmitter product manufactured in ALTENSTEIG, is produced by standart measures or special length and also can be produced by the request of our clients .You can find the information about our product the following.  

The advantages:

almost perfect permeable for heating coil radiation
it is impossible against the thermal shock because Quarzglas is not affected by coefficient of thermal expansion
too high radiation intensity at small space
too high radiation effectivness through convektor losses
optimum detector of IR-transmitter with minimal lateral irradiation
especially high detector and ideal reflection through the back side of goldreflector
connection of IR-transmitter according to performance and structual conditions
suitable for all mounting conditions according to heating coil radiation
too high mechanical stability through our special quarz tube

compatible IR-transmitter for the existing facility which is fitted up with obtainable ,usual IR-transmitter on the market

there are special tuned supplies in our IR-transmitter for example: reflectors, mounting for the simple and fast fitting, power control and regulation

there is extreme high life spam through the high class processing
standard measure is possible until 4000mm for the individual radiation length

INFRATEC-transmitter offers more industrial qualitat than is demanded. We fabricate mechanical products through the concentration and knowhow technology according to individual specifications for the machine manufacturer.

The type of constructions are:

Round tubing-transmitter:
Medium -short wavy infrared transmitter in horizontal and arbitrary burning position.

Quartz good radiator in standard absorbtion cage.

Double tube- transmitter:
Medium-short wavy infrared transmitter in horizontal and arbitrary burning position.

Ceramic surface transmitter:
Medium wavy infrared transmitter in horizontal and arbitrary burning position.

According to DN 5031 spektral range for the infrared is defined between 0,78 and 10,0
We classify:
Between 0.8 mm and 1,6 mm short wavy
ca. 1,8mm fast medium wavy transmitter
between 2,0 mm and 2,7 mm medium wavy
between 3,5 mm and 6,0 mm long wavy