Infrared gas burner

Gas burner products with metal fabric on burn surface

Thanks to the metal network material, it can be adapted by the good workability to almost all geometry. .

By the high thermal maximum stress of the metal network, it receives high achievements also on small burner surfaces.

Superficial burner
Semicircular burner
Interior tubing burner
External tubing burner
Cylindricle burner
Trapezoid burner

Gas - air mixture is led across the mixing tube to the transmitter. The explosive mixture distributes itself homojeneous equable evenly behind the metal fabric and withdraws forward by the metal network. With the withdrawal, the explosive mixture is ignited.The metal fabric comes to the radiating.

Large admission: Metal network Special material, can be loaded to over 1300° C shatterproof.


modulating between 50 and 100% of the burner achievement

Fuel picture with a curved tubing burner


Shining picture of round burner


Shining picture of round burner


possible arrangement of the igniting and ionization electrodes


Shining picture of a semicircular burner


Shining picture of a curved gas burner